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Company introduction
Adhere to innovation

1、Strong R&D strength
All products have independent intellectual property rights and have obtained more than 60 patents. In 2019, a professional team for product appearance and internal structure design will be established. In 2020, the Organizing Committee of hot air gun PCB design software development project was established.

2、The factory has rich scientific research laboratories and hot air gun heating system research laboratories.
New program development and Application Laboratory of hot air gun. Life aging test laboratory for whole machine and components of hot air gun.

Why choose us


OEM customization, specification customization,

shape customization, color customization,

Function customization.Spot wholesale,

long-term partners, friends communicate

directly with the boss.

Adhere to Innovation

We have been focusing on hot air gun

manufacturers and manufacturers. Supplier optimization, pay attention to

style update, adhere to innovation

and customer first.

Quality Assurance

Its strength has always been based on

high-quality product quality and excellent

after-sales service,It is highly praised and trusted

by the majority of partners. It selects materials

and works with care to ensure quality.

Future development

We specialize in the production of hot-air guns, film tools and other automotive supplies and tools. Our power tools are more professional and our products are more widely used.

Industrial grade hot air gun makes it easier to remove paint. It is ideal for heating plastic, bending welding materials and softening or drying adhesives. It is an indispensable tool for every professional.

Applied to packaging Blister, welding, peeling wall paint, paint, decal removal, shrink packaging,

loosening accessories, water pipe thawing, etc


development equipment,

high quality requirements,

high power, multi-function,

long product life.

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