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Position: Quality Inspector

2021-11-15 19:28

The comprehensive salary of several quality inspectors is about 4000-4200 yuan / month

1. On site patrol shall timely feed back the abnormalities in production to the superior and solve the problems in time

2. Inspect the quality of finished products according to the production voucher and process requirements, and ensure that the samples and large goods are warehoused on time and according to quality

3. Be responsible for identifying nonconforming products, implementing them according to treatment opinions, and verifying their effectiveness

4. Strong communication skills, good sense of teamwork and strong sense of responsibility

For the above positions, the company provides free accommodation and four days off a month. The company has a beautiful environment and no pollution. The dormitory has air conditioning, WiFi and water heater

Location: 528100, No. 32, Jingang Avenue, Jinben Town, southwest Street, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Number of recruits: more than

Contact information of person in charge of recruitment: Miss Liang 18928542987