Recruitment position: assembler

2021-11-15 19:43

The comprehensive salary of several assemblers is about 4000-4500 yuan / month.

1. Assemble the hot air gun in strict accordance with the assembly process;

2. Find the problems in the assembly process in time;

3. Ensure the quality and quantity of products and complete the production task of the day on time;

4. Abide by labor discipline and work arrangement;

For the above positions, the company provides free accommodation and four days off a month. The company has a beautiful environment and no pollution. The dormitory has air conditioning, WiFi and water heater

Location: 528100, No. 32, Jingang Avenue, Jinben Town, southwest Street, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Number of recruiters: 1

Contact information of person in charge of recruitment:

Miss Liang 1892854298