Recruitment position: Production Director

2021-11-03 22:16

Job responsibilities

1) Organize the formulation and implementation of the company's production strategic plan, organize, manage, control and supervise the production system to achieve the company's production objectives;

2) Participate in the formulation of the company's development strategy and annual business plan;

3) Organize the formulation and implementation of production strategic planning;

4) Preside over the formulation and adjustment of annual production plan and general budget;

5) Make horizontal contact with human resources, technology, marketing and financial departments according to working procedures;

6) Lead the establishment and improvement of quality management system, organize the implementation, supervise and inspect the operation of production quality system;

7) Organize, implement, supervise and regulate various processes, quality, equipment, cost and output indicators in the production process;

8) Guide, supervise and inspect the work of subordinates, and master the work and relevant data;

9) Comprehensively balance annual production tasks, formulate and issue monthly production plans to achieve balanced production;

10) Master the quality status in the production process at any time, coordinate the communication and cooperation between various departments, and solve the problems in production in time;

11) Organize the establishment and improvement of production command system, review the production plan of each factory, check the production work and ensure the completion of production tasks;

12) Follow up the production and operation plan, master the production progress, promote the construction of production supporting projects, and do a good job in the coordination between various factories and departments;

13) Hold regular production meetings regularly to analyze the production situation and put forward solutions and measures to solve problems;

Job requirements

1. Aged 30-45, college degree or above, major in machinery and management,

2. More than 8 years of working experience, more than 5 years of production operation management experience, more than 3 years of lean production implementation and management experience, experience in hardware industry, power tools and other production management is preferred;

3. Be familiar with the production operation and management of the factory, and have rich experience in production management, cost control, quality management and logistics management;

4. Be familiar with production process and production specifications, be familiar with production management system, be able to formulate appropriate relevant systems, and be good at personnel management;

5. Excellent planning, execution, communication, negotiation and problem solving skills

6. Sharp thinking, good interpersonal communication skills, comprehensive organization ability, pioneering and innovative ability, and able to lead subordinates to carry out work effectively.

7. Major in Mechatronics or mechanical manufacturing, college degree or above, proficient in Pro-E, AutoCAD and other related software;

8. Be familiar with appearance, modeling, industrial design and mold manufacturing, and be able to independently complete the product structure development and design to ensure the smooth mass production of the designed product structure;

Location: 528100, No. 32, Jingang Avenue, Jinben Town, southwest Street, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Number of recruiters: 1

Contact information of person in charge of recruitment: Miss Liang 18928542987